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If you're an athlete who is retiring or graduating, you don't "need a plan B."

You GET TO CHOOSE your next challenge!

Let's get your game plan in place to ensure a fulfilling, healthy, and purpose-driven life beyond competition.

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About Us

You've Got Next! is our flagship Athlete Transition resource serving elite female athletes at the collegiate, semi-pro, and professional levels.


It comprises a step-by-step written guide (The Playbook), self-paced instruction of self-empowerment tools and exercises, a community of other athletes with similar goals and challenges, and live coaching and education to give every athlete the proper support and structure setting her up for a successful transition from competitive sport into her next chapter.


Our mission is two-fold: for our methodology to become the gold standard of supporting athletes in navigating retirement successfully into their next season of life, professionally and personally, and to measurably impact the statistical norms of what thriving after sport looks and feels like for elite female athletes. 

Don't Risk Retiring Without a Plan!

There are COUNTLESS stories of incredible athletes, celebrated, accomplished, STRONG individuals who struggle immensely mentally, emotionally, and physically after retiring from competition.

This doesn't have to be the case for YOU!

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About Robyn

Robyn Eckersley, CPC, ELI-MP has been helping high performing women create huge, meaningful change within themselves, their personal lives, and their professional lives since 2016.

As a woman who has successfully navigated major transitions in her own life, she combines the experiences of her unique journey with expert training with a team of mentors, coaches, and other professional specialists to create effective, engaging tools, practices, and resources like the EXPAND Method of Transformation for her clients so they can courageously step into the truly thriving version of themselves and of their lives.

Robyn Eckersley Athlete Transition Coach
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