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with Purpose and Power

Learn how to make an empowered plan for your life beyond sport,

without the stress of starting over and losing who you are


The time has come for you to start your next chapter, but here's how you're feeling:

You're sick of...

...bouncing between being super dialed in to your training sessions and stressing about what your life will look like when the season's over.

You're tired of...

... spending your evenings mindlessly scrolling through job platforms and applying to random jobs that you're not actually interested in, just to have SOMETHING lined up for after you graduate/retire.

You're frustrated...

...trying to get work experience, but everyone who's hiring wants you to ALREADY HAVE WORK EXPERIENCE and you have no time to get it.

You're SO OVER...

...all the mental garbage in your head about having to start over from scratch, that you don't bring anything valuable to a normal job, that you're going to be totally alone, and that life is essentially all downhill from here.

You're secretly worried...

And if you're REALLY honest with yourself...

...that you're going to end up being one of those tragic stories of someone who really struggled mentally and emotionally after she stopped competing.'re really bummed about leaving the athlete life behind, and becoming "just a regular person." OUCH.

Let's change the game

A VERY different season is totally possible for you:

You're CLEAR

...about your next chapter, and you're actually really looking forward to it, so you can be fully present for your final season as a competitive athlete!


...and being actively sought after for the skills you've developed and mastered in your career as an athlete!


...with your favorite people in your life at deeper and more meaningful ways that you just didn't have the time for before.

You're at PEACE

...with closing the chapter of your identity as an athlete, feeling complete, feeling pride, and feeling RIGHT about moving forward.

You're GETTING PAID use your talents and experiences in different ways that are personally meaningful and interesting!

You've Got NEW TARGETS aim for so you can keep growing, stay motivated for, and get after with the fire and passion you channeled into your sport!


Presented by Robyn Eckersley,
Athlete Transition Coach.

A lifelong athlete and someone who knows a thing or two about pivots in life and career, Coach Robyn has developed a simple, 6-step skillset to navigate any life transition with intention and power.

This free webinar is designed specifically for female athletes who are approaching or actively in that time of hanging up the jersey and wrestling with the question, "WTF do I do next?"

If you're stressing about your next steps, if you don't have a clear game plan in place for your next chapter, if you are struggling to set a new target that you absolutely love, you need to be at this training!

Badass women just like you are saying:

Jatryce J.

"Thank you so much for the wisdom you shared in today's call. I truly benefited from your insights, and the group setting allowed me to realize that I am not alone in this process."

Tara P.

"Despite my competitive nature and staying busy, I felt like life was passing me by without the growth and change I longed for: career fulfillment, a thriving romantic relationship, and contentment with where my life was heading...working with Robyn has transformed by daily experience of life."

Emily R.

"Robyn helped me focus on where my priorities were, and what was truly important to me personally and professionally. Her giving spirit, kind attitude, and specific guidance make her an amazing leader in her community."

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Coach Robyn gazing into your BRIGHT FUTURE after attending this webinar!
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