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90-Minute Activation Session

Let's ACTIVATE Your Next Chapter!

A Dream and a Plan

Delve into a laser-focused 90-minute private coaching session (valued at over $500) with Life Expansion Coach Robyn Eckersley, precisely tailored to help you crystallize your vision for one particular area of your life and construct a roadmap of goals and strategies. This exclusive session offers a dedicated space for dreaming into possibility, establishing a plan of action for the next 3 months, and systems to help you stay motivated and on-track.


A Methodology

Using her 6-step EXPAND methodology of self-empowerment, you will refine your vision, dive into your aspirations, core values and ambitions, distill them into achievable goals, and outline the practical strategies needed to align with the results you desire. By the end of your session, you'll possess a well-defined route to the future you envision, armed with actionable steps to implement over the next 90 days.


An Accountability Bonus!

All Activation clients will have access to one 30-minute private follow up session with Coach Robyn!

Let's dive into your next dream.

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