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The Program

Dream Up & Dive In
to an amazing version of you and your life!
Life Empowered is a transformative 6-month program that leads you through a journey of learning, exploration, and personal evolution toward an empowered life that lights you up. You'll learn the key aspects of designing and stepping into a life in which you are confidently and joyfully thriving, and you'll receive all kinds of powerful support along the way! 

When you enroll in Life Empowered, you'll be granted access to:

- 6 Modules of fun, self-paced learning, and exploration; crafted to be seamlessly implemented into your daily life.

- 6 Monthly Meditations personally written and recorded by Robyn to support your transformative process.

- a Community of similarly-driven and soul-centered women who are also committed taking their lives and themselves to the next amazing level.

- live, expert guidance from Robyn TWICE each month in the form of community Celebration Calls and Q&A Calls, so you can receive support right on the spot!

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”


― Nora Ephron


Embarking on a path of intentional growth includes learning how to lean into possibilities where there previously may have appeared not to be any. 


Here, you learn how to foster mental, verbal, and behavioral habits that serve as a solid foundation for transformation. This paves the way for you to push through lingering limitations on what you believe might be possible for you.

Living an empowered life is living a purpose-driven, Vision-oriented life. 


It’s a life in which your energy, efforts, and decisions are all made with intention, and in service of a life that truly brings you most alive.


Here you’ll learn how to explore your purpose and activate it through the skill of Visioning.

A vibrant Vision of your ideal life is a great start, but it will never come to fruition without action.


Here you’ll learn how to bring your long-term Vision into the present, as we engage the practices of scaffolding, goal-setting and reverse engineering to get you seeing results here and now.

Everyone is motivated by a unique combination of factors.


You’ll identify yours and learn how to leverage them to keep you moving forward in pursuit of your goals, even when “life gets in the way” and plans are disrupted.


Life is never linear, and your path won’t be either, so it is crucial that you learn how to continue forward in the face of change and uncertainty.

Our biggest dream-killers are often ourselves.


Here you will learn how to create a constructive and positive relationship with your inner critic.


You’ll receive the tools to successfully navigate the tricky landscapes of fear, self-judgment, negative self-talk, failure, and expectations.

You’re here because you feel the urge that there’s something MORE, something GREATER ready to come alive.


What you’re feeling is Life coming alive THROUGH you.


Here you’ll learn the fine-tuning in your daily routines and habits that prepare you to receive and sustain the success of that life that lights you up!

Transform Within

Prepare to Receive

Tap into Motivation

Step into Vision

Identify Your Purpose

Create Possibility

: LE:TP is FOR you if you

  • Are ready to prioritize your goals and dreams

  • Recognize the power and value in personal development

  • Love simple & clear instructions you can implement in your daily living

  • Need more depth than trendy, feel-good catchphrases 

  • Would love personalized, guided support from an Empowerment Expert

  • Want to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded women 

  • Are feeling stuck, lost, and/or frustrated with one or more aspects of your current life

  • KNOW there’s a vibrant, fulfilled version of you waiting to unfold

LE:TP is NOT for you if you:

  • Prefer to read about growth and personal development rather than put it into practice

  • Think you've reached the upper limit of your potential and nothing can be improved

  • Believe that no one, including yourself, can change

  • Have zero curiosity around how you could feel happier or more fulfilled

  • Don’t see the point in personal growth 

  • Have no desire to know yourself any better than you currently do  

  • Prefer to live passively as the universe moves around you instead of taking active responsibility for your path

  • Would prefer to believe that you simply aren't meant to be fulfilled or happy

The full LE:TP includes:

24 Curated Lessons & Exercises

These weekly exercises are intentionally simple enough to incorporate into a busy schedule, yet powerful enough to facilitate real, meaningful growth over the course of 6 months.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Robyn

You're going to have questions. You have the opportunity to ask Robyn personally during these live calls or submit your question ahead of time and catch the recording!

Monthly Live Celebratory Calls

Celebrate your proudest moments with Robyn and the community! Not only is this a fun way of recognizing your achievements, but it also normalizes your progress as a  the latest and newest version of YOU.

Monthly Live Vision Development Calls

Once a month we come together to evolve your Vision of what you would LOVE your life to look + feel like. You receive personalized support from Robyn on your Vision Statement even after the call.

Additional Features:


Grab a private 45-minute session with Robyn to focus on identifying and activating your Vision, one of the trickiest aspects of this journey!



Reserve a 30-minute private call with Robyn to get laser-focused personalized coaching around exactly where you are and what challenges you are running into.

Power-Up Session
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