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Robyn Eckersley is SO good--at what she does, as a person, and as a woman with hot pink hair. What a joy to get to work with her!
If you are looking to make a bigger impact, create a better world, live a purpose-driven life—but don't know exactly how to do that, or how to make it work with everything else you've got going on, I strongly recommend that you schedule a chat with Robyn. Her heart is ALL IN and she opened my eyes to possibilities I didn’t even know I was looking for : )
Robyn helped me dig into what I really want to be doing, and who I really want to be doing it with, and then helped me find the language to express it. She helped me pull apart my clients’ motivations, struggles, dreams and brilliance so I could understand both who they are and how I help them. She then gave me a structure to hold all the moving pieces so I could share my vision and connect directly to the people with whom it aligns.
Robyn’s energy, insight, acceptance and passion for helping women have an impact is a true gift to those who get to work with her—and to the world that benefits from all of the things her clients create!

Jennifer Z.

Right off, her energy gelled with mine and I knew she'd be a great fit. Even during our initial consultation/meeting, I had an incredible and empowering epiphany that lit a new fire under me. Robyn is truly talented and gifted at unlocking the potential inside of her clients. During our first session, we unpacked and reorganized my entire vision for my foundation and put a plan of action into place so that I could get things back on track.

Toni D.

Robyn is one of those unique individuals who knows how to inspire, teach, and encourage, while allowing you to find your own answers!...It is instantly clear that she has put so much hard work and care into her coaching. From just one Spark Coaching Session, I walked away understanding that "my why" for being a purpose-driven business owner is rooted in community. I was able to connect the dots between my drive for empowering women (business purpose) and my desire to create a strong community of women (personal purpose), which allowed me to expand my thinking/ideas for integrating charitable components into my business. Robyn is so fun to work with and will truly help you grow-- both in your business and personal life.

Page P.

By courageously being true to her own path, Robyn has set the stage for this fellow "woman on a path" to believe her path is real and vital.   Her special blend of grace, wisdom, active listening, affirmation and accountability has begun to skillfully unearth the truth in me and encourages me to finally move forward.  I am grateful to have a non-judgmental, life-giving coach that asks wildly good questions in accordance with what is needed- not a script.

Joan P.

Robyn has been so helpful, motivating, and encouraging in her coaching sessions. I have had a huge dream for many years that I had never made any headway on. With her guidance, we were able to parse out what my dream really was, what was possible now, and what might become possible in the future by working on realistic goals now. She helped bring my dream from just an 'escape' from reality to something that could actually become a reality. I have tangible, practical first steps that I can do NOW to move toward the huge dream.

Sarah B.

Oh my gosh!  Where do I start?  First of all.  Robyn is an amazing woman.  She is authentic, kind, and intuitive.  You feel that when you meet her and when you get to know her.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Robyn and to most recently work with her to go over and strategize my next venture and she was super helpful.  Not only was she helpful, but she really paid attention/listened, and helped me come up with a great plan.  I will be sure to refer others to her in the future if at all possible. Thank you again Robyn!

Leslie G.

I have in the past let different obstacles prevent me from setting up the types of events I know would be of value to others and a joy for me to put on.  After coming across Robyn and recognizing that she had the skill sets I need to push me past the different challenges I was bound to face in organizing my events, I agreed to a set of sessions to keep me moving forward during the process.  She indeed is just what I needed to keep me moving into setting up the framework and keep me in the mindset of making it happen.  I appreciate that she's all about making a positive difference in the world and helping others to do so also.

Linda R.

Robyn is great! She is objective and thoughtful, truly listening to you, rather than making a quick judgment. I enjoyed our time together and gained an insight into myself and my path I had not considered before. I intend to work with her again in the future. If you are at a crossroads or need help working through a tough time, I highly recommend Robyn!

Sonnya D.

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