5 Steps to Creating Positive, Lasting Changes in Your Life

Step 1: Get HonestAF

It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror and own what changes are needed, as well as what’s at risk if you don’t take action NOW.

Step 2: Make the Decision

Nothing changes unless you say “go,” so hit the gas, don’t look back, and let’s GO!

Step 3: Dare to Dream

Once you’ve made the decision to change your life, it’s time to identify what you would love for the future. The new you dreams BIG for herself!

Step 4: Design the New You

Identify the woman (or man!) you need to evolve into in order to bring your dream into reality.

Step 5: Show Up and Get Support

Time to walk the talk and live as your future next version of yourself, with the support and guidance of someone who will help you transform those lingering old habits and mindsets.


The Backstory

The Own This Life Method of Transformation (OTL) is the result of Robyn's lifetime quest to support women who are yearning to evolve into the empowered, driven individuals they know they can be.

Personal transformation is inherently intangible and can be difficult to grasp and facilitate for oneself, so she designed the OTL method to be SIMPLE, ACTIONABLE, and REPEATABLE. It serves as a framework to stay organized, directed, and consistent for those who use it, even if they aren't working directly with Robyn. Personal transformation should never be contingent upon working with a specific person.

This system is the distillation of the essence of multiple sources: Robyn's own personal transformation, the Core Energy Coaching system, Robyn's clients' experiences, and extensive research conducted by experts like Brendon Burchard and Brene Brown.

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