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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have to miss a Q&A or Celebration call?

    • No problem, the Q&A and Celebration calls are recorded and emailed out to all Life Empowered members within 48 hours.

  • Are payment plans available for Life Empowered?

    • Yes! You can choose to structure your investment monthly over 6 installments, or quarterly across 2 installments. Both options will require a deposit of $147 up front to hold your space in the program. And remember, there’s always a 10% off reward for those who invest in full right from the start!

  • Is Life Empowered only for women?

    • Life Empowered is designed specifically for individuals who identify as women, but we will not turn away anyone who genuinely wishes to participate in the program, regardless of gender identity. 

  • What if I’m not sure about the upgrades right now, can I purchase them after I begin the program or do I have to purchase them at the time I enroll in the program?

    • The 2 upgrade options, ReVision and Power Up, will always be available for you to add-on at any time during your 6-month enrollment in the program, BUT they will be sold at an additional price if you decide to add them up front with your Life Empowered registration.

  • Is there a time limit to use the upgrades by?

    • The upgrades must be used during the 6 months you are actively enrolled in Life Empowered! This is intentional because combining ReVision and Power Up with the content of Life Empowered is how you can generate the most momentum and get the most value out of the program, rather than delaying indefinitely until past the program’s conclusion. We suggest blocking time in your calendar to take advantage of them as soon as you enroll so you don’t forget! (We’ll remind you too, but it never hurts to plan ahead!)


  • What format is the Life Empowered content in?

    • We recognize that everyone has different learning styles, needs, and preferences, which is why every module is made up of a mix of audio, video, and/or written formats. We break up the material into week-by-week suggested assignments to help you truly absorb and actively integrate the lessons into your daily life.

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