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Life is for THRIVING.

What does thriving look + feel like for YOU?


It's So Great to Meet You!

I'm Robyn, your Life Expansion Coach.

One thing I FIRMLY believe in is that Life isn't meant to be "fine." Life is meant to be LIVED, as in we're meant to really THRIVE. Thriving, living your best life, feeling vibrant and energized personally and professionally looks different for each of us, so my job is to help you get clear on what it looks like FOR YOU!


As someone who has worked in multiple roles that all kinds of people would LOVE to have (being the lead on multiple prestigious geospatial technology contracts, running tech events all over the world, and so on), but who started to resent the life I was living, I KNOW the grating frustration and stuckness and even fear that comes with falling out of love with your current chapter of life, but not having any clue of what you should be doing instead, let alone how to even begin making moves to get there.

I return to the question "What would I REALLY want to do, to be, to experience in this chapter of my life?" all the time, purposefully. It guides my decisions every day, and helps me stay on a trajectory of expansion and curiosity and fulfillment. One of my greatest fears is a life not truly lived, and so I stay firmly committed to my own journey of reinvention, growth, and discovery, and I have the honor and privilege of sharing this work with my clients.


We're all on our own unique paths - let's discover what this chapter of thriving looks like for you!


NEW: Quickstart Options!

Sometimes we're just READY to get growing! If this is you,

here are 3 ways to hop on my calendar and get to work right away:

The DEEP Stuff!

If you're looking for MORE... more ongoing, longer-term support (9-18 months), more of a comprehensive mentorship, perhaps a community of other folks all learning to thrive, regular accountability, a collection of trainings and other resources, as well as personalized coaching, I've got you covered.

Head on over to our Services page to explore the variety of offerings you can choose from.


Feedback + Reflections

I've had the honor of supporting countless women since I became a Certified Life Coach in 2016. These are a fraction of them, and their experiences of our time together.

"I cannot speak highly enought of Robyn. She's the coolest old soul I've ever met. if you're looking for a transformational life coach, she's your woman, but only contact her if: 1. You want to take your life to the next level and 2. Tell her Chelli sent you. 😛😘 Now go live your best f'ing life. ❣️"

Chelli W.

"Hey Robyn! Wow I think yesterday sparked a breakthrough for me and I just wanted to share...Since writing this I feel SO much calmer, and for the first time since I got laid off I know that this is exactly where I'm meant to be and what I'm meant to be doing!"

Jatryce J.

"Over the past 6 months you have kept me on track and gently pushed me along and I really appreciate that as my life is still very full and a little hectic and with your help I am getting an handle on my life and taking back control.  You are an amazing coach, and I can feel how much you love what you are doing, that is also a key for any success."

Sophie L.

"I really like your focus on finding what brings you alive as the primary goal, with the actual tactics of the career  come after.. many coaches optimize for growth along somewhat rigid frameworks (like how to grow within your existing career or get a promotion) but focus less on figuring out what's even bringing you alive in the first place. I like that all options are on the table vs coming from a perspective of building parameters and working within them."

Caitlin L.

"You being a woman of color makes it easier for someone to relate in terms of culture and expectations that aren't particularly present in Western ideologies...It's not ME vs WORLD. There are particular factors that make me feel so out of control but since we've begun, I've come to realize that I am not as powerless as I think...You make me feel seen and I do not at all feel judged or that I have to put on a brave face."

Dhainee P.

"Right off, her energy gelled with mine and I knew she'd be a great fit. Even during our initial consultation/meeting, I had an incredible and empowering epiphany that lit a new fire under me. Robyn is truly talented and gifted at unlocking the potential inside of her clients. During our first session, we unpacked and reorganized my entire vision for my foundation and put a plan of action into place so that I could get things back on track. I definitely recommend her as a coach."

Toni D.

"After retiring and relocating across the country, I thought I had a pretty good plan of where life is taking me.  However, after speaking with Robyn, it became clear that I was limiting myself to what I thought a person of my age (68) was capable of. She clearly loves what she does and it showed in the way she helped me rekindle and discover what I want out of the rest of my life, what I am capable of, and what I still have to offer my family and those I come in contact with. Her energy, wealth of knowledge, and enthusiasm are empowering!"

Liz C.

"I am grateful for the direction I found in life through my work with Robyn.  Her heartfelt encouragement helped me to dream bigger than I had allowed, and as a result, my life did in fact, get bigger, bolder and more beautiful. By teaching me tools to promote self-love and self-advocacy, I discovered how to prevent my inner critic from censoring my desires, by asking "Why not me?" She then added tremendous value by helping me devise a plan to make my dreams become a reality. I am sure anyone looking to live a life of intention and purpose would benefit from time with Robyn. She is someone you want to be on your team!"

Caitlin S.

"Robyn has been so helpful, motivating, and encouraging in her coaching sessions. I have had a huge dream for many years that I had never made any headway on. With her guidance, we were able to parse out what my dream really was, what was possible now, and what might become possible in the future by working on realistic goals now. She helped bring my dream from just an 'escape' from reality to something that could actually become a reality. I have tangible, practical first steps that I can do NOW to move toward the huge dream."

Sarah B.

"Oh my gosh!  Where do I start?  First of all.  Robyn is an amazing woman.  She is authentic, kind, and intuitive.  You feel that when you meet her and when you get to know her.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Robyn and to most recently work with her to go over and strategize my next venture and she was super helpful.  Not only was she helpful, but she really paid attention/listened, and helped me come up with a great plan.  I will be sure to refer others to her in the future if at all possible.  Thank you again Robyn!"

Leslie G.

"By courageously being true to her own path, Robyn has set the stage for this fellow "woman on a path" to believe her path is real and vital.   Her special blend of grace, wisdom, active listening, affirmation and accountability has begun to skillfully unearth the truth in me and encourages me to finally move forward.  I am grateful to have a non-judgmental, life-giving coach that asks wildly good questions in accordance with what is needed- not a script."

Joan P.

"Robyn led us to our greatest gifts and helped us articulate them in a way I have never been able to do....ever. I am so incredibly grateful for her wisdom, support, genius words, and love on this journey. Her process helped me get super clear and have the words to move forward in success.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with was the first time, but certainly won't be the last!"

Heather C.

Let's Discover What Thriving
Looks Like for YOU!

I can't wait to meet you and your dream life.
With gratitude, Robyn
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